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Bulbul is a contemporary Danish watch brand.

We work with cherry picked creatives that represent the best of today's generation of designers.
Launched in Copenhagen, 2013 by entrepreneur and business nomad Jacob Juul.
Bulbul strives to merge cool Copenhagen creativity with industry craftsmanship.

Developing a watch is a delicate process that requires precision and patience. The Pebble watch took years to refine.

We have set out to create long lasting designs that reflect the amount of thought and detail injected into the development. High quality materials and extraordinary aesthetics are crucial to reaching that result.

The word bulbul derives from Persian word bolbol, through the Arabic meaning nightingale.

While there’s a lot of classic beauty in the poetic associations of the Nightingale, the bulbul also carries a mohawk, is sometimes described as rowdy, and has a strong, independent will.

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